Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Obesity in Dogs

Obesity is not only an issue that humans are going through. Canines all over the world are going through it. The problem is preventable but more than 60% of dogs are falling prey to obesity and are becoming lazy. We are seeing way more overweight pets each year. Dog owners do know that exercising their dogs is important but due to their busy schedules, only a few of them pay attention to exercise.


How to determine whether your dog is overweight?

Obesity in simple terms is your dog taking more calories than what they can burn off. Dogs can binge on food and if they are not allowed to exercise or walk properly they soon will become obese. Being obese not only means that your dog looks fat, but has other mental and physical issues as well. Find a suitable pet taxi in bangalore service in case you have to travel with your dog.

Some simple signs for this could be:

✓ Difficult in seeing the ribs, waistline, or feeling the spine of your dog.
✓ Sagged Abdomen
✓ Rounded Face
✓ An increasing lazy behaviour and reluctance to go for walks
✓ Slow pace during walks and increased panting

Causes of Obesity in Dogs

Obesity in dogs can be there due to many reasons. It also depends on age, sex, reproductive state, diet and the level of activeness that a dog has. A very crucial factor in obesity is the kind of food and treats you are serving to your dog

Different breeds can suffer differently with obesity, while some are prone to it, some won’t be affected easily. With age, our four-legged friends become less active, this means that less energy is needed and thus they have to consume less food too. If food levels are not adjusted weight gain will happen. Book a cozy pet boarding for your pet in case you are travelling.

One of the primary reasons for obesity is that dogs are always ready to eat and most pet owners do not know how much they should serve their dogs. Nowadays, many online calculators can help you calculate the amount of food you should give to your dog, in case there is any confusion, vets can help you as well.

Other serious causes of Obesity can be

✓ Hypothyroidism: A condition that impacts the thyroid gland

✓ Insulinoma: Faster growing cancer cell that secretes excessive insulin and results in low glucose in the bloodstream

✓ Hypoadrenocorticism

✓ Prevention of Obesity

One can follow a lot of techniques to decrease or prevent the level of obesity in dogs.

Physical Activity: There is nothing better than exercising daily. A regular workout makes your dog tired and promotes good sleep and mood. When a dog is well rested they will be happier and will have more energy to do other things when they wake up. Walks can make them active again and once they are active they will not get obese.

Diet: It is not always about exercising, you have to control their diet as well. Strict routine and check on what they eat will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Avoid giving them tidbits of food or excessive treats which is the primary cause of making them obese. Break their meals into intervals so that they do not feel hungry a lot.

Veterinarian: An advice from the vet always helps in these cases. They can give you the right recommendation on what you can do for better and quick treatment. If your dog is suffering from weight gain, your doctor can give genuine advice on how to control the diet.

Regular Weight Checks: Keeping a check on weight regularly helps you control the diet accordingly. While the weight also depends on the size it will give an estimate of what should be done.

Obesity is a huge problem in dogs which is growing currently and pet parents need to take it seriously and find a solution to it.

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