Common Mistakes Dog Parents Makes When Caring For Their Dogs

All people have different beliefs and principles for raising a dog. While these principles may differ, a parent must learn the basics of pet parenting so that they can take care of their dog in the best possible way. There may not be the right way to raise your pet, but here we will list down a few things that dog parents must pay attention to.

Raising a pet is a lot like raising a child and you have to be attentive about them. The more attention you pay to the way they are brought up, it will have a direct impact on their behaviour. Here we list down a few things that pet parents do not know that can have a bad effect on their dog and can put them in danger in future. Find a unique Pet Boarding for your dogs.

Not Allowing Puppies to Socialise

One common mistake is keeping your dog away from the crowd and not allowing them to socialise with others. Socialisation is an important part of their life and helps them develop morally with much more love and care towards themselves and others. Not socialising with others might lead them towards an unhealthy behaviour which lacks trust. This might not directly make the dog dangerous to others but can lead to anger and anxiety issues. A few hours of playtime with your dog daily will make them elated and more friendly towards others and you as well.

No Boundaries and Restrictions

Just like kids who need to be a few rules and regulations to stay calmly at home dogs need to be treated like kids. You don’t refrain from scolding your kid in the right way, the same goes for dogs. These boundaries will allow the dogs to remain calm and to refrain from dominant behaviour. Destructing activities like jumping violently, scratching furniture and peeing in the house regularly shouldn’t be tolerated. Get a quick Vet home visit in Bangalore in case you have an emergency.

Allowing the Dog to Walk You

This is a common thing that happens unconsciously that many times you are not the one walking your dog, instead, they are the ones walking you. By allowing your dog to pull you around on the walks you are allowing them to show their dominance. Also, we all know how dangerous can be for a dog to pull the leash especially when they are strong. There are many cases where several people go to the hospital just because their dog pulled too hard on the leash.

Avoiding Exercises

There is a lot of obesity issue in dogs in today’s time and the main reason is that that they do not exercise at all. Many of them are following the schedule and the lifestyle of their parents and thus are becoming lousy. Get in touch with a vet to figure out their daily routine and follow the exercise routine strictly.

Keeping the Food Bowl Filled at All Times

Many parents to save their energy or due to over affection with their dog keep their bowls always filled. They think that their loved one will have the option to eat anytime they love. This is overfeeding and they most of the time eat more than what is needed in their body. Like we all; have time to eat and follow. A particular schedule, similarly our dogs need to follow a particular routine to be in shape.

Making them fearful after accidents

In case there was some accident with your dog and you are not able to catch them, the only thing scolding them will do is confuse them. They will have no idea why they getting scold and thus will lose the value of a scold, wham seeing it too regularly from their parents. It is better to point out the mistake and make them understand whatever they are seeing shouldn’t be their fault and this should never happen action.

These were a few mistakes that dog parents need to avoid when brining a new baby home or caring for their old dog.

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