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Dog Ingredients to Avoid [Did You Know]

We all love our dogs and we love feeding them the food which they like but, sometimes unknowingly we feed them some ingredients and substances that can harm them and to avoid this issue I have a few ingredients that you should avoid feeding to your dog to keep them healthy and safe. Here are the six ingredients to avoid –

1. Melamine

Melamine is a type of plastic that contains nitrogen and the purpose of adding this is to make the food look like that it contains protein. The Ultimate Pet Health Guide suggests that usage of Melamine is toxic. And it can later cause kidney issues considering the dosage given to the dog and the size of the dog. In a study, Melamine was adjudged to be the worst element present in food. Melamine testing in food is still not compulsory everywhere, so before giving your dog their favourite asks the person whether or not it contains Melamine.

2. BHA, Ethoxyquin and BHT

This artificial substance is generally found in dog food or pet food to stretch their shelf life, and to increase its sustainability. There is an issue that the chemicals and the elements present in the food can be harmful in the long term and may later cause issues in the digestion system. Food authorities do not agree with adding substances and chemicals in food to increase their shelf life. We would suggest rather than adding substances to the food you should just simply provide them with the best fresh pet food available in the market.

3. Propylene Glycol

This artificial element is used to maintain the texture of the food, and keep it as it is soft, hard or moist. While PG is approved by the Food Developmental Authority it’s still unsafe to use because it is an artificial substance, and we should adhere from feeding it to your dog. Like propylene glycol, another substance is similar to Propylene Glycol i.e. ethylene glycol (antifreeze) this is toxic and is not recommended to be fed to dogs, although it can be used as an antifreeze agent.

4. Carrageenan

This is an ingredient that is derived and extracted from seaweed, and this substance is mostly used as a thickening substitute which later helps in maintaining consistency, especially in wet dog food. FDA has passed it as a food additive, but the “degraded” variant, known as poligeenan that hasn’t been approved by FDA, has shown results to be harmful. Studies show that it can cause cancer later on.

5. Meat Meal

Meat meal is the output of a process called rendering, where the leftovers of dead animals are scraped and are heated up, what the companies do is take the leftover meat and cook it to the point till the fat is extracted from it and removed. After the process of fat removal, the remaining portion is known as a meat meal. We are not denying that it has protein but the quality and nutritional value of it can be due to the animal parts it contains.

Avoiding these substances is also an indirect way of grooming your pet, it shows that you care and to reward them with a little extra pampering you should provide them with the quality home pet grooming in Bangalore.

6. Food dyes or corn syrup

One should not colour dog food, it is strictly against them, these colours are used to appeal to us and not the dogs, and it will unnecessarily make the food sweet and corn syrup has no health benefits and your dog does not even want sweet in his food, strictly avoid it.

Take the note of these ingredients which have to avoided as a part of your dog meal for their healthy life.

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