Easy Ways to Take Care of Dog with Sensitive Tummies

When your pet suffers from poor digestion, it makes it harder for you to clean up waste. Well, you need not worry about it as there are many ways you can help your dog’s digestive health. To create a sensitive stomach dog food there are several ingredients. For more check out the below the cause behind digestive discomfort and tips to choose sensitive stomach dog food. Book Vet home visit in Bangalore for your needs.


Causes of Sensitive Stomach in Dogs

Like humans, dogs also suffer from sensitive stomachs for many reasons. Virus and bacterial infections may cause diarrhoea and upset stomach. Parasites are another common cause of stomach nausea in dogs.

Medication is also a reason that causes a dog’s sensitive stomach. For many dogs, sensitivity or allergic reactions is also a reason that causes digestive upset. The most common food allergies in dogs are included with chicken, wheat, lamb, dairy, soy, and pork. When a dog eats these items, his or her immune system may react and cause nausea and other symptoms like rash and gasping. It’s important to find solutions for what causing your dog’s sensitive stomach.

Identify the Cause of a Sensitive Stomach

Like humans, dogs also have similar Symptoms of a sensitive stomach. Dogs with sensitive stomachs normally have loose stools and diarrhoea, Flatulence, Periodic vomiting. If you find any of these symptoms in your dog, then he/she may have digestive issues. Concerning your veterinarian can help you a lot to determine what the actual problem is.

A vet can ensure through the test that whether your dog has a virus, bacteria, or something else and also tells you whether he is sensitive to certain food. A limited ingredient diet (LID) is the best way to put it. This type of diet says to cut down on the number of ingredients in your dog’s food, especially the ones that cause reactions. You can use LID as a permanent solution or you can use it to identify exactly which ingredients are not good for your dog’s health, also you would slowly start reintroducing ingredients to see which ones cause problems. Quickly Book vet on call in case you need an urgent visit.

Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Options

1. Limited Ingredient Dog Food

If your dog has some food allergic issues, to prevent stomach upset a limited ingredient diest is a good option. Keeping things simple is all about a dog’s diet. With fewer ingredients, there are lesser chances of your dog having a bad stomach.

2. Boost Fiber

Having extra fibre in the diet is a benefit for some dogs. As Fiber works to assemble the stool. Beet pulp, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and green beans are the food that helps your dog to get more fibre.

3. Give them their Vitamins

With the proper ratio of vitamins and minerals, most dog food is formulated that dogs require for a healthy life. All the essential vitamins are in a high-quality dog food brand.

4. Focus to give them less fat

Having a high-fat diet is a reason to have a sensitive stomach. Fat food doesn’t only cause your dog’s digestive system but also increases the risk of other health issues, including obesity.

5. Try Supplements

Giving your dog a supplement may help to ease the symptoms of a sensitive stomach. Prebiotics and probiotics are mainly helpful for digestion. These supplements will build healthy bacteria in the dog’s digestive tract that can break down food more competently.

6. Limit Excess Food

It’s important to limit excess food sources if your dog is having an upset stomach. Food mash, particularly pieces of chunks of beef and chicken because they can make your dog’s stomach upset worse.

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