Finding Difficult To Walk Your Dog? 3 Interesting Tips to Follow Right Now

Every morning your dog woofs at you and asks you to take him on a walk and you are like oh buddy, you do not come under my control. How should I take you for a walk?

Is this a daily affair with you as well? Do not worry. Most of the pet owners find it very difficult to walk their dog. Not being trained on how to walk with a leash, dogs often misbehave and as a result, the pet owners drag them ruthlessly or yank at them. This is clearly not the right approach. Dogs are our babies; when our babies misbehave or are out of our control, do we simply start beating them up? No. Isn’t it?

So, stop getting irritated by your dog if you are unable to control him or he misbehaves during the walk. Rather invest your time in thinking out ways of mastering the dog walking skills. Listed below are some interesting tips that you will surely benefit you.

1. Train The Dog
First of all, it is very important to train your dog to walk on a leash. Relax!! It is easier than you think. You can either hire a dog training expert or begin the training sessions at home. Start by letting him learn how to come back to you. When you find that your dog is pulling you in the opposite direction, just stand still. Do not try to drag your dog as this may hurt him. Similarly, if the dog has a habit of barking at other dogs or cars, while walking on the road, you need to train him to redirect his attention towards you. Make sure he gets a sufficient amount of physical and mental stimulation. Also, train him to stop or sit when you command him to ‘stop’ or ‘sit’.

2. Use A Short Dog Leash
Lack of communication between you and your dog is the biggest reason why your dog misbehaves or does not listen to you while taking a walk in the park or on the road. Therefore, you must always use a short leash to maintain eye contact and indulge in sweet chit chat with your furry friend. When your dog will observe your body language and notice that you are constantly walking with him side by side, he will be less likely to get distracted with what’s happening in the surroundings.

3. Invest Enough Time In The Dog Walk
What if you do not give enough time to your family? Won’t they get irritated? Similar is the case with your dog. Um.. Really? Yes. Your pet needs your love and a morning/ evening walk is the ideal time to spend quality time with you. So, you must make sure that you do not walk your dog just for formality. Take out enough time from your busy schedule (at least 30 minutes) to accompany him for a walk; let him sniff around, play with you and create happy memories with you. According to Abhilasha and Sonali ,  dog behavioral training specialists in Bangalore, walking a dog for a satisfactory amount of time keeps the dog healthy and happy.

Yeah…!! So, now you know how to walk your dog in the right manner. Start practicing these tips from today itself and you will see positive changes in the behavior of your dog while walking. This will also strengthen the love bond between you and your pooch.

Lastly, just keep in mind to walk your dog, no matter what happens. You may not agree, but sometimes, your laziness too becomes a major hurdle in dog walking. You may feel too tired or lazy to take your dog for a walk. Just close your eyes and think does this happen with you. Gotcha!! This actually happens with you. Try to avoid this. If you really love your dog, take him for a walk daily so that he stays healthy.

If you lack time to walk your dog, EverythingTail has an answer for you. This online platform helps you find professional pet walkers (near your location) who take care of your pet and take them for a walk.

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