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Healthy Breakfast for Dogs [Know It Briefly]

As all humans need breakfast, so do dogs to keep that energy kicking in. Without breakfast, your dog will be dull and sad but after a good meal in the morning, he is jumping from one place to another. We can avoid the same dog food or cereal that they are eating from the start, and incorporate new types of dishes/food in their morning meal. They also need a change in their taste palette, and a positive side here is that the food is healthy with minimum toxins, so here are the meals that you should give your dog for breakfast –

1. The Old Standard –

We like to call this meal the ‘full package’ because it contains a whole lot of ingredients for a powerful meal, it contains – turkey, veggies and brown rice. It’s healthy and it is a cost-effective meal. This meal can be kept in a fridge and can be used for a day or two more without getting spoilt, the perfect meal to start a day.

2. Beef and Veggie Crackpot Creation –

We absolutely love this one, it is a 10/10 recommendation for your dog, nothing gets better than this in terms of healthy food. This recipe/meal includes veggies that are cooked in a slow cooker. Most importantly it contains beef, as it provides the right amount of protein and keeps the stomach full. Veggies and Beef combine really well and are contain protein as well as carbs for your dog and their daily needs and it is advisable to provide your dog with the best fresh pet food available.

3. Turkey & Veggie Mash –

In this recipe, we introduce you to a new form of protein and a great substitute to beef which is Turkey, this meal consists of 100% pure, lean, human-grade ingredients and turkey when added with a handful of veggies is a great combination, we are sure this will be your pup’s favourite. The addition of Safflower oil is a great addition as well because it helps in giving shine to your dog’s hair and add healthy fats to your dog’s diet. It is essential to talk and consult your vet about the homemade meals because sometimes the food which you provide your dog may not suit them due to some deficiency or indigestion. Ask them beforehand and if it does not suit your dog you can order the quality dog food in Bangalore to keep your dog’s stomach full and keep them healthy.

4. Meatballs

Meatballs can also be a great addition to your dog’s diet, it is a form of junk food for us but for them, it is a full meal and can fill their dietary needs as it contains the right amount of carbs, proteins, vitamins and sufficient healthy fats. If incorporated into their diet in the morning can be a huge energy booster and will fill their stomach the most.

5. Vegan Bowl

Vegans would be happy to read this, too much meat isn’t helpful to your dog’s diet as well, we should feed them veggies as well. This bowl is a fan favourite amongst many dog enthusiasts as it contains wholesome ingredients and has ease of cooking. Many dog owners and dog enthusiasts who have given this meal to their dogs have said that it helps in digestion and is a happy meal for your stomach. They also suggest always consult a vet before giving anything to your dog to eat.

These were our five choices for a healthy breakfast for your dog we hope that it fills their stomach with genuine nutrients and essentials. A happy and running dog in the morning keeps your mood uplifted and a healthy breakfast keeps the dog and you both happy.

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