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How do I self groom my pet? Know It Briefly

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There have been a lot of encounters with unprofessional grooming. Pets have often got injured or escaped during the grooming sessions. Animals at these grooming centres are dealt hurriedly and without care. It is the main reason why grooming instead of leisure time for pets becomes a hard one. The sole priority of these businesses is profit. All they care about is getting money. The love for the pet is absent.

These are some of the reasons when people are not able to find a better groomer outside they tend to do so themselves. Learning to groom your pet is the best thing you can do. Not only will you save money but will also get extra time to spend with your pet in which they will feel excited. You can rely on  affordable pet boarding  facility that can help you with the same. Before going for grooming your pet at home, make sure that you do know a few things. Let’s take a look at Dos of pet grooming.

Groom Regularly


Grooming is like a scheduled session. It should be performed at equal intervals so that your pet feels clean all the time. There is no point of infrequent grooming as on some days your pet will be super clean while on some days it will be dirty and will feel irritated. It is similar to washing your hair. Imagine if you wash your hair regularly for three days simultaneously and then skip it straight forward to a month. That’s an irritating situation, isn’t’ it?

The breed of your pet will decide how frequent your pet needs grooming. Regular grooming will keep them away from skin problems. Nails of the dog should be trimmed regularly to avoid any risk to yourself as well as your dog. Overgrown nails can be extremely stressful for your dogs.

Be Patient


The key to grooming is to be patient and playful with your pet. They may not corporate, specifically when the environment and the particular situation is new to them. Soon, they will learn that grooming is for their benefit and will learn how to corporate. Get your dog to be calmed down first and then start grooming. If your dog is fearful of grooming, it can lead to terrible accidents, they may even bite you out of fear. Find an appropriate pet grooming in Bangalore  to assist you on the task.

A safe and well-lit place for grooming


You need to able to see clearly what you are doing to your pet. Giving a safe surrounding to your pet will make them feel comfortable and will allow you to perform the grooming session easily. Some pets love to brush while some are irritated by it. You need to find if your pet is resisting to brushing. On discovering that they are resistant, you need to find ways to brush them easily. It can be done through treats. Make this session about bonding and learn to get friendly with your pet during these sessions.

Appropriate Grooming Equipment


There are specific tools made for grooming. You must use what is advised by the doctors or is recommended by professional as a grooming kit. Research online or ask the veteran to get advice. Make sure that the brushes, nail clippers, trimmers you get are right for your pet. All these equipment should be of high quality and appropriate.

Be mindful about long-coated breeds


Some dogs have long coats. They need more time with grooming. If you brush these pets too much, they may face a lot of hair fall. Also, there could be a development of mats on their body. Routinely check their coat and apply whatever is necessary to keep them in a healthy state.



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