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How Grooming is Vital to Keep Your Pet Healthy?

Pet Grooming is not only about making your dog or cat look their best. Most veterinarians insist on pet grooming not just to keep the pets in shape and hygienic but because of its benefits associated with the well-being of your pet. Grooming is vital for the good health of your pet. Even a pet with a small coat can suffer if it is not groomed for a long time. The amount of grooming required depends on the coat type of your pet. No matter whether you are grooming your pup at home or taking it to the salon, just be frequent with the practice.

5 Reasons Why Grooming is Important for Your Pet

1. Keep Fleas and Ticks at Bay

Bathing your pets at regular intervals is one of the top reasons to prevent pest infestations in your pets. However, sometimes bathing alone is not enough to eliminate ticks and fleas. You’ll have to observe the symptoms or signs of infestation and spot the pests such as fleas and ticks to kill them. Well, bathing can help you spot them. Once you spot them to take the necessary measures such using pest removal solutions and combing the pet hair to eliminate the pest. Brushing is an integral part of dog grooming which helps in getting rid of those nasty sanguinivorous pests.

2. Brings Comfort

Grooming brings comfort to your pet in several ways. If you are a dog owner, you probably would be aware of the fact that brushing is loved by most pooches. It feels like they are getting a nice massage, while it removes dead hair and debris entangled to their hair. Brushing brings natural oils to their skin and stimulates hair growth. Additionally, regular brushing also prevents matting on the dogs with longer coasts. If your dog also has long coats that tangle easily you can use leave-in hair conditioner spray to detangle the coats comfortably.

3. Keeps Their Ears Safe

You never know when ear mites attack, infect and infest your pet’s ears. Grooming helps prevent ear infections in your pet. The ears of the dogs need to be cleaned regularly, especially for the ones prone ear infections. The hair in the ears of your dogs needs to be plucked regularly especially if your dog has long hair. Well, the practice must not be limited to long-coated hair, make sure that your puppy’s ear is clean after every grooming session to keep the ear infections at bay, which ultimately will result in comforting your dog.

4. Grooming protects the feet and joints of your pet

Well, long nails are generally not looked like a problem and are usually overlooked during pet grooming sessions. Long nails don’t only look bad but they cause discomfort and are unhealthy to your pet. Long nails force your pet to change their pace and they start walking sideways on their feet. This causes pain to them and can lead to bone deformation if not treated on time. Moreover, many dogs have long nails that grow to their footpads, which is extremely painful for them. No matter how difficult it is, nail trimming must not be skipped to prevent long term damage.

5. Keep the abnormalities of your pet in check

This is one of the major benefits of regular grooming sessions. With regular grooming, you will be acquainted with the mark, blisters and any other skin conditions of your pet. You can come across any underlying lumps or any other problems on your dog’s skin. Grooming will help you with the early detection of any underlying disease. Hence you can contact your vet on time and take all the precautions or treatments if required. Hence, with regular grooming, you become more familiar with your dog’s body and enhances the chances of tackling abnormalities.

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