How to choose Right Toy for Your Dog or Cat?

Like us even pets love their toys and we should choose based on the level of activity they are put through.


Like humans, pets love toys too, because they are fun. Playing is an essential part of your pets’ life, which keeps them healthy and active. Besides giving pleasure, playing also helps them with mental stimulation, which can correct their behavioral patterns and toys play a major role in it. Well, there are countless pet toys in the market, so, how will you select the right one for your lovely pet? Here is the guide that explains the ways to choose the right toys for your pet, which also keeps them safe.

“The Right Way to Choose Toys for Your Pets “

It is important to choose the right toys for your feline friend or your little pup. When you are on a hunt for finding toys for your pets, you need to check if they are durable, safe, and fun or not. Also, keep your pet’s preference in mind while considering the size and activity level of your pet.

Select the appropriate size toy for your tailed friend, considering the size is an essential factor while buying. If your pet is small and you have bought a big toy, he might lose interest in it and get frustrated. The experts warn about the opposite problem too, “if the toy is too small, it can be easily flattened and lodged inside the throat of your pet, even the pet can also swallow the toy.” In such a case, first aid, may not completely resolve the problem and the pet most likely has to go through the surgery, which also involves risks. Therefore, the durability and quality are the important factors while buying the toys, because the poorly manufactured toys also possess the same risk. If the broken pieces of the toys are ingested accidentally.

Rawhide Toys

The market is flooded with Rawhide toys in different sizes and shapes, but these are not the best choice for your pup. Because they easily get softened on chewing and get stuck to the throat of your dog.

Squeaky Toys

Many dogs get attracted by squeaky toys, but it is better to use caution. Some dogs might enjoy chewing the toys quietly and love the squeaking sound, while others may want to tear the toy apart. The owner of Barkbutler, pet accessory and toy store, says that if you are not sure about your dog’s reaction to such kinds of toys, it needs to be kept under supervision.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys are loved by both dogs and cats, and as a pet owner, you need to keep an eye on these toys to ensure the stuffing does not come out of the toy and cause a choking problem. Moreover, these toys can be washed in washing machines.

Just like dogs, your cats may also ingest small items if not kept under supervision. The cats are most attracted towards rubber bands, paper clips and small bits of string. So, make sure these items are kept safe.

Best Pet Toy Choices to Go For

Chase toys

These are one of the best dog and cat toys amongst the varied range of choices. Toys or items that bounce in an eccentric motion will keep the pet guessing and engaged. You can also go for a ball of an appropriate size.

Chew Toys

Dental chew toys, rope toys or kongs become great choices. These dog toys are made up of rubber and become a great source for mouth workout for your dog. You can also go for softer latex toys, which become a great fit for both young as well as older dogs as these are comfortable and easier on their gums and teeth.

Interactive toys

These types of toys provide physical as well as mental stimulation to your pets. Most interactive toys have a hollow area that can be filled with eatables or other things. When the pet rolls the toys, it releases a small amount of food, which usually keeps your pet engaged and entertained.

Retrieving Toys

Retrieving toys such as frisbee or ball thrower are also great to keep your dog active, which helps them with the daily workout.

Cat Toys

There is no much difference in dogs and cat toys, most cats like and chase after the same things like dogs. However, feathers and furry mouse toys attract the cats a little more.

“So, these were a range of toys that you can go for your pet, but remember that the pets can get tired or bored of playing with the same toys over the period. Hence, you need to keep a selection of toys to keep your pet engaged. EverythingTail has a variety of pet toys and accessories, here you can pick up the ones that suit the best according to your pet preference and size. “

How to choose Right Toy for Your Pet are you still wondering?

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