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How To Choose The Right Bed For Your Puppy

Whenever you adopt a new puppy you are handed over the responsibility as well, you have to keep the pup safe and secure and most importantly comfortable, if you will show them your affection and care, they will show it back there is a reason people say a dog is a man’s best friend. To keep them happy you need dog accessories that keep them comfortable for example a bed, quilt and in winter some dog sweaters.


Even your pup needs a place of their own, a private space, a place where they can relax and where they can feel comfortable, at least the bed is better than a floor. The question is what kind of a bed does your pup need?

Here are a few ways on how to choose the perfect bed for your puppy –

Size of your Pet: The size of your pet is crucial to determine what type of bed you need to buy. A full-grown pug will fit into the small to medium-sized pet beds (65-75 Cms). If your pet is a puppy, you do not have to choose a particular bed as your puppy will grow into a dog you will have to buy a new one.

Sleeping Style: Dogs and puppies have their sleeping style. Some prefer curling inwards and like to be huddled up. While others will prefer to stretch into a full-size king kong. Do look at the sleeping style and sleeping position of your pet before determining the size and shape of the bedding. Otherwise, just check out pet parlours for the best pet grooming in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai or your city as they would give out various options for your pet.

Support and Cushioning: Apart from the size, comfort also matters a lot as it is the most essential thing which you are looking for in a bed for your puppy. You might want to consider the comfort which a bed provides. Well designed pet beds have cushioning in the centre pillow and firm bolster support for the pet to rest upon.

The material used for making Pet Bed – Also the fabric of the bed is a crucial factor, it should be a breathable fabric like Cotton, Canvas and Polyester blends which suit the Indian climate, providing that it should be just right for hot summer months & cosy enough for those heavy winter months. Commonly available synthetic fabrics and stretch fabrics could become uncomfortable for your dog and selecting the right fabric to ensure it is safe on the skin of your pet and is one of the easiest pet grooming techniques.

Washability of Dog Beds: Completely cleanable and washable beds could provide a clean and hygienic sleep for your pet and it can ensure that the bed stays hygienic. Dog Beds that come with covers attract bacteria and germs. Skin allergies can be easily avoided if we use washable dog beds.

Anti-skid base: Another important aspect to look for is the base of the dog bed. Dogs are playful and are in general jumping here and there and can skid anytime and hurt themselves. For elderly dogs, if the bed does not provide a firm anti-skid base, there is always a fear of skidding and getting injured due to it and this can cause a joint or a hip injury to senior dogs which is hard to operate on.

Responsible pet nurturing begins with giving the right resting climate to your pet and purchasing a bed intended to address your pet’s issues which will guarantee you a happy puppy or a dog who sleeps comfortably.

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