Separation Anxiety: How to Deal with Dogs without Parents

Signs of Separation Anxiety

Salivating, barking, howling, trembling, dilated pupils, panting, and pacing all are signs of separation in dogs. Other than this signs like ignoring food, scratching at furniture, destroying items in the home, attempting to escape from a room, and elated behavior towards their owner as if they haven’t seen them in years.

Causes of Separation Anxiety

Changes in pet parents, death of a pet friendly, new socialization patterns, changes in the environment, long vacations, lack of training, premature adoption, heredity behavior, genetics, or simply boredom are causes of separation anxiety in dogs. You can now quickly book pet boarding online in your nearby location.

How to Stop Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

Being a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to give them the best calming anxiety treatments. The medical professional is not what you require for treating separation anxiety in dogs. You can help them on your own. Dog anxiety treatment will teach your dog to be alone is not scary. Some points you can remember to help your dog:

1. Change Your “Going Away” Signals

If you don’t want to trigger separation anxiety of your dog then keep everything normal for them as if you are not leaving them alone, keep your purse, keys ready in a different location so they don’t sense that you are going outside. Calming treats for dogs work as a remedy for separation anxiety and it will create a positive alliance with your departure.

2. Belittle Goodbyes and Hellos

Anxiety is somewhere related to emotions as don’t get emotional when leaving and overexcited when you come back. Your dog will fear your absence if you pay too much attention to your departure and return. Calmly say goodbye and leave is the simplest thing you should do.

3. Exercise Your Dog Before going

As we know a tired dog is a calm dog. Before going outside take your dog out for 30 min exercise as it will relax your dog and divert its attention to food and sleep.

4. Not leaving your dog alone for too long

Try to not leave them alone or bring them to work if possible because your dog can stay alone at home for few hours but if more than 6 hours it will be difficult for them. If you have to go for 2-3 days then ask someone to look after them until you come back or consider a doggy daycare service for taking care of them when you’re away. Get cost-friendly Home Pet Grooming in Bangalore.

5. Create Personal Space for Your Dog

Creating personal space is very important like give them a separate dog bed where you can also pet them and give calming treats. Enjoying their own space and be independent of you is what they will learn, which will help ease their anxiety when you’re away.

6. Give comfort Items and keep Background Music on

Leave your scent clothes such as dirty laundry so your dog gets relaxed and knowing that you will come back. Remove chokers, collars, chains, if your dog doesn’t like them. Hide treats around the house so they can spend their time hunting them while you’re away from them. And last but not the least, For dogs relaxation and help to fall asleep soothing nature sound is best.

7. Medicine

Consider calming medicine, to treat severe separation anxiety in dogs. Contact your vet for further inquiry.

8. Train Your Dog to Be Alone

If your dog has separation anxiety, ask them to stay in a room while you are in some other room, starting this with small 5-10 seconds and work up to 20-30 minutes over several weeks will help you a lot.

Play with your dog while you are at home and teach them slowly to be away from you by adopting the things mentioned above so that they don’t panic when you are not home.

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