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How to Potty Train Your Dog? The Best Tips for New Pet-Parents.

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Whether you are a new pet parent tired of picking up the poop from around the house or are planning to buy a pup, this blog is for you. Before you get impatient and start losing your temperament over the mess around, it’s better you do thorough research on house training your dog. Pet training is crucial for a happy coexistence, the sooner you realize the fact the happier stay you will enjoy with your pet. So be ready to housetrain your pup the moment you bring it home and for that need a plan and schedule, depending upon the time you can dedicate to your pet. And oh, remember that accidents and mistakes do happen during the process, so be patient while you are on a mission to potty train this additional member.

Make A Routine

It’s best to set up a schedule for your puppy; puppies learn the best this way. With the schedule, they will learn to eat, play, sleep and do other routine things on time. A thing that you need to know is that a puppy can hold its bladder for about one hour for every month of its age. For instance, if your pup is three months old, it can control for about three hours. Don’t test them more than their specified time or be ready for an accident. Below-mentioned are the steps involved in dog training.

1. Take the pup outside frequently

Take your puppy outside, as soon as it wakes up, while playing and after drinking and eating. Make sure to take the pup out every two hours (if possible).

2.Mark a spot outside

Choose an area outside as a bathroom spot and take the puppy to that spot. When you reach the spot, say a word or a phrase that you can use to remind the pup about what to do. This may help the pup to pick up the signal to relieve itself. Engage the pup in playtime or take it on a long walk only if it has relieved itself.

3. Appreciate and reward the puppy for eliminating outdoors.

According to an expert in Pawbar, the pet should be encouraged or rewarded every time, it eliminates outside. Make sure you praise the pup immediately after it is finished before coming inside. It is an important step to encourage and teach the pet, about what it is expected of. But remember to praise only after the pup is finished, doing it sooner may distract it.

4. Fix the regular feeding schedule of the pet.

Give meals to a puppy on its fixed schedule. Remember if the pup eats on time, it will also excrete on time. Depending upon its age, the pup must be fed 3 to 4 times a day. A pet boarding team in Bangalore, explains that with feeding the puppy at regular intervals according to a schedule, it is more likely that the pet will eliminate at regular intervals, which makes the pet training easier.

5. Remove the water dish of the pet before bedtime.

Well, this needs to be done to avoid accidents. Pick up the water dish of your puppy at least before 2 hours. This is done to reduce the chances of the need to pee and poo during the night. The puppies can sleep for about seven hours without going for a bathroom break.

Keep an Eye on Your Pup

It is important to supervise and keep an eye on your pup when it is online. Taking its presence for granted may spoil your house.

When you are not actively playing or training the puppy, keep it hitched to you or a furniture piece. Look for the signs that the pup needs to go out. Some of the most common signs are barking, squatting, scratching the door or sniffing around. When you pick up these signs, get into action and take the pup outside to its dedicated bathroom spot. And again, when they are done eliminating, appreciate and reward them.

So, these were some steps involved in a successful housetraining of the dog. But, remember that the dog does not get trained overnight, you need to keep patience during the course. If you are a working professional and do not have enough time, EverythingTail has a solution for you. This online platform is associated with numerous pet training and pet boarding in Bangalore. The pet parents can trust the platform and leave their pets to these service providers.

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