How to Train Your dog to Develop a Strong Relationship

Dog training is an essential part of both the dog’s life and yours, you have to pay close attention to your dog here, the training which you provide to your dog stays with them for life, they learn to obey you and this build a strong and caring relationship between the both of you, but finding which training and what type of training your dog needs is a bit difficult and is a tedious task, here are a few training techniques which you can give to your dog and they shall obey you –

1. Positive Reinforcement

The theory behind it is fairly easy to understand. Dogs will repeat the good behaviour when they will get rewarded. Bad behaviour is not acknowledged. If a correction is to be made, it comes through via the removal of rewards, like a treat or a toy being taken away. Harsh behaviour or physical punishments aren’t necessary. The training method begins with a reward after the desired behaviour immediately. This way, the dog associates the behaviour with the reward.

Positive reinforcement requires consistency. Therefore, this technique should be followed daily by everyone in the house.

2. Clicker Training

This training is based on conditioning and is based on the concept of positive reinforcement. This training may be clubbed as a method of positive reinforcement, rather than being separated and being called training of its own.

It relies on the use of a device to make a sharp noise, like a whistle or a clicker to signal to a dog when the desired behaviour is accomplished. And if your pet does follow the training well take them on a ride with the best pet taxi in Bangalore.

3. Electronic Training

Electronic training is based on the use of an electronic collar that delivers a vibration or a spray of citronella when your dog is not performing the given or desired task. This training is used when the leach is not available with the dog owner and your dog may be far from your reach it is a handy technique and it helps in the development of the dog’s psyche as they develop obeying habits even if the dog-owner is far away.

4. Model-Rival Or Mirror Training

The model-rival method of training depends on the fact that dogs learn by observing their surroundings. By providing a model of good behaviour or opposition to compete for resources, dogs learn to adapt and mimic behaviours.

Thus, the trainer at all times will have a model acting out the whole scenario to set out an example. The dog who is observing learns what to do correctly from the model. The model can act as an opponent who is competing to do the desired task for a desired treat as a reward, motivating the dog to pick up the task and achieve it quickly. Or as a reward rather than taking them to the vet, you can contact the best mobile pet grooming service in Bangalore for a grooming session as a reward for your dog.

5.Relationship-based training

This is a very different training method that focuses on the developing relationship between the owner and the dog allowing them to learn quickly. It is the relationship between dogs and humans that is essential and can grow exponentially. The bond of the dog with the owner and the trainer improves and the dog learns to love, be compassionate and care. It’s about being friendly and more communicating with your dog.

The person must know their dog and their body language, as they can be loving in nature.


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