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Find the reliable, fun, and 100% safe pet boarding near me at EverythingTail. Pet-owners at the platform can book the best pet boarding online at amazing prices.

With many years of experience and countless clients, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the attentiveness they need. You can travel with peace while your furry friend is at his second home, so make sure to reserve time today!

Choosing somewhere for your pet to stay whilst you’re away is an important decision to make, and there are plenty of options available to you. Find out why boarding might be a good choice for your pet by taking a look at just a few benefits of pet boarding:

Benefits of pet boarding

Interaction and companionship

By taking your pet to a boarding facility, you’ll ensure your pet is provided with regular interaction. If you have a dog, some kennels even provide playtime with other dogs where appropriate. The extra fuss and care is particularly important for pet’s that are prone to separation anxiety!

Proper exercise and nutrition

Pets, especially dogs, require daily exercise and nutrition. A well-run pet boarding service will offer exercise time and provide nutritious food, as well as be willing to work with you if your pet is on a special diet.

Expert care

At a licensed kennels or cattery, your pet will be in the care of staff who are professionally trained to ensure your pet is looked after with skill and empathy. Many kennel and cattery workers will be passionate about animal care and have lots of professional qualifications and experience under their belts.


Pet boarding facilities are built with animal safety in mind, so you’ll be able to leave knowing your pet is unlikely to escape onto the streets! Many businesses take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your pets too, for example implementing lock down procedures, alarms and CCTV security.

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