Simple Tips to Capture Your Pet’s Beautiful Memories: Photography Essentials

Over-eager, zestful, and squirmy; our lovely pets are our darlings. Without them, even the most stunning family photo is dull and incomplete. Don’t you think so? If you have ever tried to bring your furry friend in the photo frame, you would clearly understand how difficult it is to make them sit still or take the right shot. Experts say that pet photography is a mix of child, sports, and portrait photography. Hence, getting that one right click is not easy. Feeling the Goosebumps? Relax buddy! Though pet/ dog photography is an art, you need not be a professional photographer to capture beautiful memories of your beloved friend. A few simple tips will do wonders for you. Here are some amazing photography tips that will help you click the best picture of your pet without any awkward pose or blur. Check them out.

1. Hold Your Horses

First of all, what you need to keep in mind is to be patient. You need to wait for your pet to be in a good mood. Obviously, who would like to prepare for a photoshoot in a bad mood? With your camera always ready-to-click, wait for the perfect moment. These days, random clicks are a trendy thing. So, instead of capturing disciplined photographs (making your dog/ cat sit straight and still), try out some fun, happy, and real-looking photographs. For example, when your dog is busy playing with his ball or with anyone in your family, click a series of photographs or wait for lovely moments and instantly click, click, click! To grab the instant attention of your dog, just say ‘woof’. LOL!!

2. Pay Attention To The Eye Level

One of the biggest mistakes that you do while clicking your pets’ photograph is capturing them from your eye level. To create the best portraits, you must get down to their eye level and then click the photograph. Remember, expressive eyes can make any photograph look beautiful. So, while you are ready with your camera, move the focal point on one of the eyes of your pet and let the eyes be the star in the photograph.

3. Use Natural Light

Complicated lighting setups and flashes can irritate the pets. Therefore, it is ideal to avoid these; instead, use natural light. Neither the natural sunlight will cause red-eye nor frighten or irritate them. So, take them outdoor (when it is not too sunny) or simply open the windows and allow the natural light to flow in. Be it indoors or outdoors, make sure that the lighting conditions are proper. You must be able to capture the details feathers and furs with minimal glare. According to PetsbyMegs, professional photography experts, sunset is the best time of the day to click pets’ photographs. The glow in the sky is just so right at this time – neither too bright nor too dark.

4. Be Flexible

If you think that simply sitting or standing in one place, you’ll be able to get that perfect shot, you are completely wrong. You really love your pet. Right? So, for them and their love, you will have to be ready for some stretching, leaning and who knows, crouching and crawling as well. As mentioned above, your pets must be happy while they are getting clicked. So, create a playful moment, talk to them or let them have the best time of their lives by simply hopping here and there or playing with your boots (Oh.. please don’t stop them. Can’t you sacrifice your boots for your beloved’s cute picture? ROFL!).

Do try these tips and techniques today and decorate your home with lovely pictures of you and your furry friend. In case you are eager to get a professional shot, look out for experts who specialize in dog/ cat photography. Being a dedicated online platform for pet owners, EverythingTail gives you instant access to a number of pet photographers. So, choose one and get started!

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