Top 5 healthy dog food that makes your dog happy

Dog owners wish to keep their dog happy should consider giving some special food items to fulfill this purpose best possibly.


By Shri

To keep your pet happy is only possible for their owners if they provide them proper care and attention and that too with tasty and healthy food. Though, you may not have enough time to cook something special for your dog but you can even try giving your pet some specific food.

  • Fresh fruit – sliced bananas, apples, pears and watermelon are the best options in fruit to give to your pet. However, you should avoid including grapes or raisins in your dog food. The reason behind avoiding this fruit is that it can cause kidney failure in some pets. Apart of it, berries are also considered great food option to be given to the pets. These are full of antioxidants.
  • Give a try to some cooked or chopped raw vegetables – There is no denying that vegetables are a great healthy snack. You should consider using non-starchy vegetables if want to avoid adding too many calories in your dog food. Even if, veggies can be fed raw but it can be absorbed more easily if cooked properly. However, you should avoid giving onions to your pet as these can harm him. Moreover, avoiding corn and potatoes would also be a good decision as these are too starchy as an addictive. You should also escape cruciferous veggies to give your dog as these can cause gas problem in your dog.  
  • Sprouts – To make a healthy food for your dog, it is important for you to consider using of sprouts. These legumes and baby grains are fully packed with nutrition and can help you a lot giving a great healthy food to your beloved dog. You can also easily find many dogs today enjoy eating sprouts as a food option. Sprouted grains can efficiently increase the amounts and bioavailability of vitamins, proteins and minerals and thus considered best pet food. Though, the quantity of grain given to the dogs is often the problem but grains are not naturally bad for dogs. The best thing about sprouted grains that these are lower in starch but higher in other nutrients.
  • Sardines packed in water – Without a doubt, sardine is a great added Omega 3 fatty acid and protein source. One sardine is about 25 calories and thus considered best for a small dog. If you have a large dog to feed it with sardine then you can have 2-3 sardines easily to fulfill the purpose. But here, you need to be sure that these calories should be into the daily caloric total. It is also important for you to know that once you open the sardines packed can, it should be fed within a couple days as fatty acids go stale quickly once open.
  • Eggs – When it comes to egg, these are not only healthy but also a bioavailable form of protein when cooked. You can also consider eggs as a perfect and healthy cat food. Most of the pets love to eat eggs in different form. If you are looking forward to an ideal way to prepare eggs then you should consider boiling it softly. You just need to boil it about 6 minutes and you would find its white portion cook softly and leaves the yolk runny. You can also choose to be hard boiled or scramble eggs to give to your dog. You should avoid feeding the shells of the eggs as they do not have an ideal calcium proportional ratio for dog. If you have a medium or large breed dog then you can feed him an egg on daily basis. However, small breeds should be limited to ½ an egg daily.

Although all the above mentioned food options are the best foods for your dog but you are also advised to introduce them slowly and watch for any signs of digestive upset. You know your pet best if they have iron gut then go for it and if you find your pet with delicate digestion system then go slowly or you can withdraw.



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