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Try 7 Day-Switch Plan to Help Your Dog Shift to a New Food Brand


Is your pooch consuming the food from the same brand over a course of the period? If yes, it’s probably the time for shifting the brand. Consuming the same dog food formula over time can lead to developing food allergies in your dogs. It is also necessary to switch to a new brand when the companies declare food recall. As humans, it is also quite difficult for dogs to change habits, and uh… when it comes to changing food, only thinking about it can send shivers down your spine. Because you would not want to risk your lovely pooch’s health while trying to maintain its well-being with a changed diet. 

So, what can be done to make your dog switch to a new brand? A smooth transition is an answer. You will have to make your dog switch to a new brand of pet slowly and seamlessly, so it does not cause any health problems.

What Do You Need To Keep in Mind While Switching Pet Food?

When you are on the mission of changing the pet food, make sure the transition is smooth, so your dog does not have to face any digestive problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, or anorexia. 

  • Look for a similar formulation and dog food recipe in the case of a food recall.
  • Make sure to check the list of ingredients mentioned on the box. (A gluten-free diet is best suited for the dogs)
  • Consider the existing allergies of your dog while selecting the pet food
  • Instead of buying a big pack, first, buy the small packs with different protein sources as a sample. 
  • While sampling the food to your dog, stick to the similar ratio of fiber, protein and fat compositions. 

A smooth and seamless introduction of the new food will not mess with the gut of the dog, and its system will gradually accept the food. 

7 Day Food Switch Plan For Your Dog 

Here is the one-week food switch plan for your pooch. 

Day 1 – Give a little amount of the new food, along with giving the food from the same old brand. The old food must contain 75% of the whole diet. 

Day 2 – Increase the amount of new food by 5% and similarly reduce the portion of old dog food by 5%. 

Day 3 – The next day improve the portion of the new food by 40% and the old food must comprise 60% of the entire diet of the day.  

Day 4 – Make the portion 50% for each food. 

Day 5 – Now decrease the portion of old brand food to 40% and increase the portion of new food by 60%

Day 6 – Now bring the ratio to 1:4, which means offer 25% of old food and 75% of the new brand. 

Day 7 – If you observe that your dog is taking its new diet well and there are no digestive problems, you can go ahead on the 7th day with the new food only, completely ignoring the food from the old brand. 

It is recommended to visit your veterinarian if your dog happens to develop any digestive illness or rejects the food at any point.  

Since dogs are also the creatures of their habits, they may show tantrums while accepting the new food when you offer. Well, at least for the first few times. If the dog persists to refuse the food after your several tries, pick the food and skip offering anything else even the small treats in between. Give a gap of a few hours before offering the new food. The hunger in between the gap will enable the pet to eat the food. 

Should the Pet Food be Changed Frequently? 

No, the experts do not recommend frequent changes in your pet’s diet unless it is necessary such as food recall or suggested by the vet. The pet must be given high-quality food which is suitable for its breed type. Instead of practicing dog training to accept the food from any brand at any given time, the pet-owner must understand the need to change the food. There has to be a valid reason to change the food for your pet. 

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