What to Do When Dogs Break Their Nails?

Why are Dog’s Broken Nails is a Problem?

A broken nail of your doggo friends should always be taken seriously because it is just not only about the injury but its extremely painful for them even the toughest breed, but it can lead to a severe problem if it is not solved. While we may only see the hard mucilage exterior of the dog nail, there is much more about it than that.Inside the nail, there is a knot of blood vessels and nerves for a quick reference. It has a pointed structure you may see in dog nails and the part that bleeds when a dog’s nail is cut too short. Where the mucilage part of the nail is not living tissue, the quick certainly is. The quick is not only a sensitive structure that can cause extreme level of discomfort when cut too short, but it is also attached to the bone. This means any infection of the quick can quickly cause a bone infection as well quickly Book Pet Boarding online in your nearby.

Depending on the intensity of the nail injury, your dog can go through different levels of pain which is not good for both of you. If you expose the quick and ask them to put pressure on their paw, you may notice them walk haltingly and hesitating to put weight on that paw while walking. You may also notice your dog licking the injured part constantly, which can open them up to more irritation and infection.

Because a broken nail is much more serious for your dog than you have ever imagined. Let’s know how you can help your dog when this happens.

What to do If Your Dog Nail has broken?

Due to the pain and infection from a nail injury, you are suggested to contact your vet before it gets late. If in case you have just noticed the injury at home, there are things you can do first.

First, you should hold back your dog in a way that makes your work easy to see the injured area, and also protecting yourself from any biting. These injuries are really painful, so don’t get worried when your dog is to be a bit nervous. Well, these nail injuries are too painful, if your dog is not allowing you to look at the nail, you should directly visit your vet. Get budget-friendly Home Pet Grooming in Bangalore.

If your dog allows you to touch that area, you can begin to address the bleeding. You can do this by doing light pressure to the area, and you can also even dip the nail in a bit of corn starch. This can help to stop the bleeding. If you are unable to stop the bleeding after 10-15 minutes, without wasting fore time you should visit your vet. And also never apply a bandage yourself at home

You can try to remove it on yourself if there is a small section of the nail hanging from the area. This should only be done if your dog can tolerate the pain. If your dog is in extreme pain and will not allow you to do this, you should visit your vet.

You should always visit your vet if your dog’s nail has become seriously injured. Due to the possibility of infection, it is always said precaution is better than cure. The tips above can help your dog to get a little rid of pain at that moment. Well, a nail injury is very painful for our doggo friend. Try the above information that we discussed, and you can help your dog in a better way.

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